Art- experience or commodity?


I have always opposed art treated as a product, a commodity. According to me, creating pieces of art shouldn’t have any commercial purpose. The artistic vision may be transformed into a nonrepresentational or representational art, but that is not crucial.

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Maintain an equilibrium



You wear no make-up –  you’re ugly. You were too much make-up –  you look like a plastic doll. You wear a decent make-up – you’re unremarkably average. You put a short dress – you behave like a courtesan. You put a maxi skirt – you resemble your grandma. You put a knee-length pencil skirt – you’re conservative. You smile and tell jokes – you’re childish and carefree. You try to stay serious – you’re boring and unappealing. You’re both funny and sedulous – you’re probably insane or freaky.

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